Tormentors Join the Game: Beat the Aghanim’s Shard!

Tormentors Join the Game: Beat the Aghanim's Shard!

As of patch 7.33, the Tormentors join the game. They are perfect for players who want the excitement that Aghanim’s Shard offers but don’t want to pay the price. The off-lanes outside of each base are guarded by these powerful enemies, which makes the game more interesting and challenging. You are welcome to join us as we try to figure out what the heck Dota 2 Tormentors are and how to beat them to get the very rare Aghanim’s Shard.

Tormentors Join the Game: What the heck are these Dota 2 Tormentors?

Imagine that you are fighting animals that only have one health point but a strong shield that can heal itself and hit you hard. What’s the catch? All living things within a certain radius are hurt by it, including friends and foes. The Tormentor will also make sure that everyone feels your pain if you are the one who is hurting them. The Tormentors are the name of these people, and they are linked to something very bad.

The question is why someone would do something that is so hard. “Big risks often pay off big” is a saying that is often true. When your team beats a Tormentor, they will get an Aghanim’s Shard and 250 gold, which is a good reward. What’s even better is that the two heroes who are the poorest and don’t have a Shard get one for free! This is in addition to the fact that anyone in your team who already has Shards will get an extra 280 coins and experience. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to get that deal!

Tormentors Join the Game: Getting together a group of enemies to weaken them:

If you want to deal with Tormentors, you need a well-thought-out team plan. It’s important to strike hard, but it’s also important not to get hit back. You should make your group stronger by giving them more healing magic and heroes who can do damage. You won’t have much trouble beating the Tormentor if you have tools like Mekansm, healing spells, or the reliable Tranquil Boots.

Keep in mind that terrible people are coming!

It takes a mix of confidence and care to talk to someone who is hurting you. The whole team should go, but people who want to go into uncharted area could go with a smaller group. You should be careful, though, because the Tormentor can kill anyone who isn’t ready for battle. Get ready for the last fight between the Tormentors by being careful and planning your moves ahead of time.

Get that Aghanim’s Shard while you play Dota 2 if you have the right plan and are brave. The Tormentors may look like tough opponents, but you can beat them if you have the right plan. Get your group together, put on your gear, and get ready to go on your journey as a Tormentor! Good luck on your hunt, and may the AGENGACOR Shards always be with you!