Plane Collision Chaos at Tokyo Airport

Runway Woes: The Collision Saga

Tokyo Airport. So, here’s the deal: a coastguard plane and a Japan Airlines (JAL) passenger jet decided to play bumper cars on the runway at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, and it didn’t end well.

Take-off Trouble

Turns out, the coastguard aircraft, a Bombardier Dash-8, wasn’t given the green light for take-off. The transcript of air traffic control chat right before the crash spilled the beans. The JAL Airbus A350 got the go-ahead to land, while the coastguard plane was supposed to “taxi to holding point C5,” a spot where planes wait their turn to take off. But, the take-off nod wasn’t in the cards for the coastguard.

Clashing Stories

The crew of the coastguard plane had a different story. The captain, the only survivor among the six, claimed they got the green signal to head onto the runway, which the JAL plane was approaching. But the freshly released transcripts say otherwise.

Light Troubles and Chaos Unleashed

There’s a whisper about the lights at the holding point being out of order. Yet, experts suggest there are other visual cues, like painted marks, to signal where planes should stop before the runway. Looks like someone missed the memo.

Landing Panic and Fire

The JAL Airbus A350, carrying 379 passengers and crew, was thankfully evacuated after the smash-up. It had flown in from Sapporo’s New Chitose airport, but things went south right after landing. Flames licked the plane, sending passengers scrambling for safety.

Survivor Stories and a Heroic Escape

One passenger described feeling a massive jolt and seeing sparks and smoke after touchdown. The evacuation was a mad dash with slides deployed and folks rushing out. Videos and pics captured the chaos inside and outside the plane, with fire trucks trying to douse the flames.

Death Toll and Heartbreak

Tragically, five coastguard crew members lost their lives, and the pilot was seriously hurt. The coastguard aircraft was on a mission to help after an earthquake. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed deep sorrow, highlighting the dedication of the crew to the quake victims.

Aftermath and Investigations

At least 14 folks from the JAL flight had minor injuries, and it’s the first major Airbus A350 accident. Airbus is sending in a team to help with the investigation in Japan. The authorities are keen to keep the relief efforts on track despite the mishap.

Summing Up the Saga


It’s a tale of two planes meeting where they shouldn’t have. Confusion, conflicting stories, and tragic consequences. Investigations are on, but it’s a stark reminder of how things can take a turn for the worse, even on the runway.